HVAC Duct Accessories

HVAC Duct Accessories

Airodyne Sound Attenuators are designed and manufactured in technical collaboration with Metrico (UK). Airodyne sound attenuators can be fabricated in galvanized steel, stainless steel, fire resistant coated casings with aerofoil baffles. Rectangular, round shaped and L-shaped options are available. The acoustic performance of Airodyne sound attenuators have been tested by an independently laboratory in USA.

Airodyne By Pass VAV Terminal Units are designed to ensure low leakage and air tight operation in accordance to International standards of DW 144 & ASHRAE. Data is tested in accordance to ARI Standards.

Airodyne Volume Control Dampers are manufactured using latest specifications and international standards. These are designed to meet airflow control requirement of the air ducts maintaining constant pressure drop. The dampers are manufactured for rectangular, round or oval duct system using high quality galvanized steel or stainless steel.

Blade Profile varies depending upon usage and specifications. These are:

  • Double Skin Aerofoil Blades parallel or opposed blades
  • Single Skin V Grooved Blades
  • Single Skin Plate Blades

Airodyne Access Doors are manufactured using high quality material viz. steel sheets, insulation and gasket meeting international standards. Construction type varies depending upon utility. These are:

  • Detachable type for rectangular ducts with cam lock
  • Hinged type for rectangular ducts with hinge and cam lock
  • Access doors for round ducts
  • Fire resistant heavy duty access doors

Airodyne Sand Trap Louvers are designed to trap large sand particles from fresh air intakes at high velocity. This reduces excessive usage of filter media. Accessories include filters and wire mesh.

Airodyne Sand Trap Louvers are manufactured after a thorough study of the system free area, pressure drop and airflow. The construction material varies with utility and includes aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel and powder coated.

Airodyne Non-Return Dampers are designed to allow air flow one way at a preset pressure and prevent back flow. Casing is constructed using 18-gauge galvanized steel sheets. Blades are manufactured using 0.50 – 1.00 mm extruded aluminum. A pressure designed counter weight is provided to hold the set pressure.

Airodyne Drip Trays are designed and manufactured to prevent falling of Darin Water from fan coil units above false ceiling. The drip trays are constructed using galvanized steel or stainless steel sheets with a drain connection and insulation.