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Galvanized Steel Ducts

Fabricated out of hot dipped galvanized steel zinc coating of 275g/m2 (Z27) equivalent to G90. Fabrication can be done in accordance with SMACNA, DW 144 or any customized specification. We also have experience in the fabrication of ducts for fire rated applications in accordance to Flambar or Fenland FFC specifications. Fire resistant coating can be organized through local authorized dealers of these companies.

Stainless Steel (SS) Ducts

Fabricated out of SS sheets grade 316L or grade 304 with mill finish or 2B finish as may be specified. Ducts are fabricated in Pittsburgh lock formed longitudinal seams from 0.50 mm up to 0.90 mm and fully welded longitudinal seams with SS companion angle flanges from 1.00 mm to 3.00 thickness.

Black Carbon Steel Ducts

For kitchen extract applications, black carbon steel ducts are fabricated with full seam welding at longitudinal seams. Ducts are fabricated air and water tight in accordance to DW 172 or any other customized specification. MS companion angle flanges for transverse joints are fully welded at the lip and tack welded at the back to provide air and water tightness as well as strength from the back.

Aluminum Ducts

Fabricated between 0.60 mm and 3.00 mm thickness with Pittsburgh lock formed longitudinal seam and fully welded longitudinal seam for use in special applications such as swimming pools, laboratories etc. Longitudinal Seams are selected based on application, pressure class and size of the ducts. These can be cleated, self-flanged or use in companion angles flanges.

Pre-Insulated PIR Ducts

Fabricated for non-fire hazardous application. Due to its light weight and easy installation, PIR ducts are popular and widely accepted for open areas such as shopping malls, villas and apartments. At RCI, we fabricate and supply PIR ducts using any specified brand with professionalism in a cost effective manner.